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Hey good people!!!

I hope every day feels like a blessing and all of your dreams are coming true or will eventually.


As I’ve stated many time before, I have started somewhat of a soap company. Well that is what you can consider it for the time being, because soap is the only thing I sale at the current time.

Getting this business of the ground won’t be easy, but I’m completely up for the challenge. I have to say I believe in my brand because all the products I use are beneficial to the skin and the health of the over all body. Give it a try.

This soap is not the typical soap you get from a grocery store. No, not at all. The soaps I make are capable of helping you physically or mentally. It all depends on which soaps you choose to purchase.

Soaps in my Etsy Story

Pictured above are Army Fatigue, Spearwood, and Ancient Egyptian a.k.a Ancient Rain b.k.a Egyptian Rain.

Benefits of Army Fatigue– Was mad with Coconut oil Olive oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, and many other oils that benefit the skin and the health of the body.
If you’re interested to find out the exact ingredients check them out at
Eucalyptus – Heals wounds, Removes mental exhaustion, treats fever, removes intestinal germs, relieves inflammation, treats joint pain & soothes tired and sore muscles.

Each soap carries very different but specific healing or soothing qualities. If you are interest or know someone who is please make sure to share this post with anyone who may be interested. is the link if you’re interested. At this time, FREE Shipping for anything $35 or more.

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