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Intuitive Empath

Good Morning!!!

Image result for intuitive empathI don’t know if you heard this while you were growing up, “With age comes wisdom”. That has never been more true for me than now. Growing up I always believed people will treat you the way you treat them. As a result of that I became someone that learned to go with the flow. I’ve been told that is a good thing, but for me it hasn’t been. True it has gotten me out of a lot of situations unscathed, but it has also gotten me in some things I could have done without. Things like one sided relationships and friendships.

Many times people are able to see I’m a very inviting kindhearted person because of my actions and concerns for others. A lot of times I care for other people 10x more than I care for myself. When I was younger, even up until recently I saw that as a flaw, because I would always get taken advantage of. My concern was, I never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings because I know how that feels. I always wanted to make others feel heard, loved, appreciated and happy. I guess the need for that is I wanted other people to provide those things for me.

The sad thing is, I realized and continue to realize that no matter how much I give of myself, people are not going to pour into me like I pour into them. Me expecting that to happen is like expecting someone to drop a million dollars in my lap. Truth be told, I think the million would be easier to get.

I’m sure other people have dealt with giving and giving and giving, just for others to continue to come up short. I guess that’s just the life of an intuitive empath. Not sure if you know what that is or if you even believe it’s a thing. For me it is a major thing to me. It helps me to understand myself that much more. Why I like certain things and why I feel certain energize from things, places, people, wild life; you name it I feel it.

But if you believe you may possess this gift have a little and take this test to find out if you’re like me an empath.


Just know, you’re not going through life alone. There’s always someone who can relate to the trials and tribulations you’re going through. Sometimes you just have to branch out and find like minded people. Also learn not to wallow in your pain or discomfort. Allow yourself to feel the emotion then move on. You don’t thrive when you’re constantly fixated on the things that are going wrong. Things only begin to change when you put forth effort and keep a positive mind set. So if you want to live abundantly, you’re going to have to leave that negative Nancy mentality behind.

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