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Is Content King?

Executive Forum - Performance Leadership InstituteEveryday you hear the infamous saying, ” Content is King?” When I heard that saying I thought they meant the content you produce has to be better then those in the same field as you; but that isn’t even close to what they’re saying. What really is meant by this saying is, “If you put out content on a consistent bases you’ll learn more and in turn will grow from your consistency.”

All these years I believed my content wasn’t up to par. Mainly because I wrote from a place of experience and feeling and others write from facts or gossip. Gossiping or bringing down someone for the betterment of myself was never a thing of mine. If possible I love to build people up whenever I get the chance. It makes me feel good to make others feel good.

That’s why I started this blog; to keep a journal of different things I’ve encountered through out the years, also I just love to write. Through writing I realized I’m the same way whether you meet me in person or we were just chatting online; I’m always gonna find some way to pour into everyone I encounter. I just feel pouring into others sometimes is as good as  pouring into yourself.

Like I was saying, “Content is King” in the sense that you consistently produce bodies of work for others to consume, so you can continue to grow throughout the process. Never be afraid to start.

Real failure comes when you don’t try. 

Give yourself that chance to be great. Who know you could possibly when a Noble Peace Prize or what you thought would mean nothing to anyone meant something to everyone. In this games you have to be brave enough to fall on your face a couple of times. Eventually you will get there, just keep on trying.

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