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Control Your Future…

Good Afternoon!!

There are so many things that are changing around me. There are also so many trials I have and am going through. With in the next two to three weeks I have to get my stuff together and prepare to move. The life I’ve grown accustom to will have to be shifted a little, because I’m doing what most entrepreneurs do when they’re trying to get their selves off the ground; moving in with my parent.

You have to be a little uncomfortable during the process. I knew it was gonna be hard work. I can’t say that I would want it any other way. As most know, I never wanted to work for someone else’s company. I would always say that I’m gonna have my own business. Even then I knew I did not like taking orders.

As I got older I started to find myself. It took me a lot longer than most, but I’m happy the process has finally took place. I knew I wanted to provide something to the public, but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out what that was. I new I wanted it to be either smell or for skin.

I thought for a long time about making a perfume. Then I thought who is going to buy this? No one knows me! Then also about the money that would have to go into the process of making it. Then I thought about creating paid webinars. That only came to mind because other bloggers said that is one of the only ways to make money.

One thing’s for certain, I become physically debilitated some days when having to work with others. See I have extremely bad anxiety; I’m always letting my thoughts run away from me. In my case that isn’t a good thing, because I have the tendency to over think and take offence when there’s no reason too.

But now I have finally figured out what type of business I would like to have. As you may have seen, I chose skin care. What I’ve started with are all natural soaps. Since I’ve started using my own soap my skin has become extremely smooth and my skin tone has evened out a whole lot!

Side note: I remember being at work with my pre-k babies and they would always rub my arms. I thought it was weird. I had no idea why they always did that. That wasn’t the only thing, they also loved to smell my skin. As we all know, children do not lie. I later on realized they did this because they liked the way I smelled and because I have extremely smooth skin; and I owe that to my natural artisan soaps.

I have always been obsessed with having smooth, even toned, healthy skin. I think I found my calling. I love what I do. Now the test is getting others to believe in me too.

These blogs are for me, but they’re also for you. I never want to stop motivating you to reach for your dreams. If it’s something you want to do, all you have to do is put in the effort.

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