Short stories

The body and the Soul Connection

How is everyone?

I hope you’re doing well.

I was thinking, as I always do….

“What is the body to the soul?”

I believe the body is only a house for the spirit and soul. It makes who were are tangible, so that we’re able to experience things we wouldn’t experience otherwise. I mean if you really think about it, to be alive is a blessing that stands alone. I understand sometimes life can feel that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but when you start to realize the things you’re able to do because you have it, you’ll be singing another toon.

Things you can do because you have life i.e breath in your body

  • Walk
  • Sex
  • Reproduce
  • Create
  • Hug
  • Kiss
  • Sleep
  • Drive
  • Eat
  • Write
  • Execute your vision

The sad part is so many of us take life for granted. We focus more on the negative things than the positive. I know sometimes it’s hard to see anything positive in some situations, but many times you have to learn to push past it so that life becomes something you want to continue living. Because once you begin to realize you are in control of your destination no other opinion will matter. Learn to trust in you, F*** what everyone else has to say, it’s about what you want and need.

I truly hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog. To read more blogs like this subscribe! It’s at no cost to you. It would just help to know that my writing is appreciated. After all I’m here for you.

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As Always

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