Short stories

Friend or Foe?

Have you ever been that person who completely immerses yourself into what other people want?


That was me. I always was making myself uncomfortable for other people. Partly because I thought no one would want to be around me if they knew how I really felt. I would push down my feelings constantly for fear of hurting someone else. I still do this, I just don’t engage in the behavior on a regular anymore. Partly because I’ve realized I wasn’t living for myself, if I constantly did what everyone else wanted or thought I should do.

The true problem comes in to play when other people think you should conform to what they think is best. What happens with that is when someone else is coming up with a solution, many times they’re going to come up with the solution that best fits their needs. Many times if you’re a caring and compassionate person you often times think how is this thing going to affect us all, not so much how can I get what I want from this person without even caring about their overall situation.

For example: Let’s say you had a friend or family member who came to you asking you to sign for a car. You don’t have to pay for it but they want to use your information to obtain it. Then when you tell them or make it plan you’re not going to do it, they cut you off and pretty much blame you for not getting said car. 

See the problem is I’ve given these people the feeling that they have dominion over me and THEY DO NOT! This is the life I have to live and the choices I have to make. If I had someone who said NO to me for something I asked for I would be a little upset but I wouldn’t stop talking to them because of it. But I guess that is just me. It took a very long time for me to get to this point. Before people would ask me to do things and I would do them and pay the consequences later. When these things were going on, do you think the ones who got me into these situations tried helping me to get out of the trouble I got in? No! When ever I went through something I had to get myself out of it or call my family to help me out.

Don’t miss understand what I’m saying, I have friends I know would have my back and then there are others I thought were there for me  but were only there to see me fall and to take from me in the process. Some people are only friends when they reap benefits from being associated with you. 

There are some people I knew weren’t going to be loyal, but I still gave them the chance to show me a different face and they failed. On another note, I’m going to try to move past this and concentrate on the many things I’m sure will be coming my way in the future.

Had to vent. Hope you did not mind. eliminate 


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