Short stories

Enjoy the moment

Good Afternoon!!!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful love filled holiday break. I can not express how happy having this time off from work has made a difference.

There are people that I’ve met during this time that have really made me appreciate living and all the appreciation that has transpired from getting to know people different than me. I have to catch myself sometimes, because many times I can only see the forest for the trees. Meaning; I can only place value on the things in front of me at the time. When in reality life is soo much more than we can grasp. There are so many complexities and we struggle on the daily to make sense of them all.

It’s the same when it comes to people and the way they may act towards us or treat us. For a long time I was raised to believe and be mindful of what other people may be going through. I really believe growing up with this in mind helped me to not judge people for how they react in certain situations. It always kept me aware “No one is perfect”.

The crazy thing is, even though we know none of us could ever be perfect we still continue to beat ourselves up even though we know it is something that could never be possible.

So the next time you find yourself being just a little to hard on yourself, please keep in mind, “You have room for errors. Also there is no reason for you to constantly beat yourself up for something you didn’t get right. The main lesson is to keep trying til you do.

As Always 

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