Short stories

You are not your mind

What’s up everyone?!!!

I was thinking (As I tend to do, from time to time), thinking of our mind and how much control it has over us. If you haven’t realized it yet, you are not your mind.

Many of us believe if we think something is supposed to be like this or that, that this is coming from our thought process. Truth is it’s really boundaries and concepts we’ve learned through the years, that have become habits. From these habits and concepts our mind was created. This also has a lot to do with the way we make decisions and how we approach life.

Many of us don’t notice we’re being controlled by different beliefs and programs we’ve picked up along the way. These things over time allowed us to turn our brains off and rely on rehearsed and engrained programs we’ve come to perfect over the years.

Don’t believe me or unclear about what I mean? Here’s an example of living a life of allowing your mind to dictate your every move: Many adults tend to work their lives’ away in jobs that only ” pay the bills”. They tend to shy away from careers that may seem hard to get into, because through the years they’ve been taught by their peers to take the safe way out. Safe meaning; getting and keeping a job that provides “benefits” such as 401k, and health insurance.

Then we have the example of the person who lives life to the upmost. This is someone who may have been led to believe there is a cap to what they can do, but doesn’t allow other people’s opinions to dictate how they live or go about their life. They remain to be free spirited and don’t allow the restraints of what they’ve learned or been told to hold them back.

If you would like to read more about this concept, please check out the author Eckhart Tolle. His book ” The power of NOW” is a great read and very insightful.

As Always

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