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Credit= A game? or Debt?

Good Morning!!

These last couple of weeks have not been the best. But with God’s help they will get better.

There isn’t a lot that I’ve been focused on. It’s really only been one thing I’ve been focused on for the past… almost 3 weeks now; and that is getting another car. The problem is I never really bought in to the whole credit thing. I thought having credit was more like debt and less like a game. Now that I’m older I understand that a game is exactly what it is. The better you get at the game the easier things in life will happen for you. Choose not to play this game and things can become extremely difficult. Especially if you don’t have the money that could take the place of the credit.

I just hate that it took me so long to understand having no credit is just like having bad credit. I’m living through the consequences of not establishing my credit early and consistently. Because of this it is like pulling teeth trying to get the right car. The other thing I found out was even though you paid your utilities and rent on time it does not go toward your credit. I swear it feels like my eyes have been closed to the way the world has been operating for the past 20yrs.

Now I’m here trying to play catch up, and learn everything there is to learn about credit so that things will come to me easier. Because one thing is for sure, life has definitely not been that.

If you don’t have credit, I suggest you go out while you’re young or even right now and learn how to play the game that some of the rich keep beating us at, time and time again.

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As Always 

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