Short stories

Thank God

Good Morning!!!!

It is in my best interest that you all are doing better than well. I want you all to go out here and make these dreams reality!

I have been on this earth for damn near 40 years. I haven’t felt more alive than I do right now. For a long time I just wanted to have fun and live freely. I haven’t mastered that yet, but I’m really close. I believe closer than I’ve ever been before.

In the past week there has been so many things that have gone in my favor; and I truly thank God for that, literally! I have accomplished more in this week than I have in a whole year! That was mainly because I was uncomfortable and wanted the discomfort to end.

I’ve come to realize and understand how people go from nothing to something. It’s all because they no longer wanted to be uncomfortable. My only prayer is I never allow myself to get comfortable again, because s*** gets done when you’re uncomfortable.

                            If you find yourself living a life of monotony, please do something to switch it up!!!!

As Always 

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