Short stories

Lack Of Focus

What’s up, Good people?!!

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!!!!

There is so much to get done during the weekend; it’s like the list never ends! I’m sitting here, right now trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything done. I know I have to start some where; so I might as well start here.

Truth be told, I have a real problem with staying focused. That’s why I constantly jump from one thing to the other. I always get distracted, doesn’t matter what it is. For instance, my dog was just barking and that almost took me out. At times it feels like my mind is moving a mile a minute. Part of me believes this is something I developed along the way, or it was always apart of me, it just became more pronounced when I became an adult.

I believe this was largely do to constantly having to split my attention amongst people and tasks. Something I had to do while working in retail. Diverting your attention between two or more things or people was a common practice. It was actually preferred for an employee to be able to split their focus. As a result it became a common practice for me.

Sometimes I believe it’s a good thing to be able to split my focus. Then other times I feel it isn’t so good because I have difficulty finishing any task I set out to do for me. I find the only time I’m able to complete anything is when there is some form of a stipulation or repercussion. That really sucks because there are so many things I have wanted to accomplish. The problem is I can not stay focused long enough to make something happen. Do you know how frustrating that is?!! At times I feel like I’m at war with my own mind!!

At the current moment there are so many thoughts going through my head. Partly because I’ve had the equivalent of 4 espresso shots this morning!! That’s besides the point. I’m just really praying that a major break through is going to come this summer.

By next year I really want to be working on my craft full time! I do not want to be involved with anything besides what I feel I was put here to do; and that is create.

Too many time through out my life I have been redirected because I have gone with what others believe is best for me. I truthfully can not blame anyone for my shortcoming but myself. Because I’ve allowed others to create the space I’m currently occupying or have occupied in the past.

There are going to be some changes made, because I feel it is way past do for me to start creating my own space. Over the years I’ve realized I am not that person that is fine with following the rules. I was put here to standout. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

If you’ve never trusted your own inner voice, I’ma need you to start!! Life begins when you start to trust YOU!

As Always

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