Short stories

When there’s no one there

Good morning!!!!

I hope you’re having a great start to your day. There is so much life out there to live.

This weekend was different for me because I spent it alone. As I stated before I live with my mother and her husband. So most of the time someone is always home.

This weekend I got the chance to experience how it would be to have no one there. At first it didnt bother me so much. Then around that tenth hour I started to think how would I feel if my life was like this all the time.

Truth is I like my alone time. But I realized I need more friends.

See, all my life I’ve only really befriended 2 to 5 people that still hold the title of friend. As I stated before, I am a complete loner. I’m not sure if it’s because I want to be or because I’m afraid of rejection or the obvious; being taking advantage of. But there’s gonna have to be a major change coming my way.

How is it possible to love people but not let them in? This is a question I ask myself time and time again. I’m still trying to pinpoint the answer. If you know, please….. help a sista out!!

Also through this I’ve learned I truly need to create avenues that will allow me to eventually stand on my own two feet, and be okay with the silence of having only me, myself and I.

For those of you who are fine with keeping yourself company and only engage with others when you choose….

How do you do it? And are you completley okay with the deafening sound of an empty house?

Also, what are some things that bring you fulfillment?

Asking for a friend

As Always

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