Short stories

Trusting in you

Good Morning!!!!

I hope everyone out there is living their best life. I understand how easy it is to get caught up in what others want or expect. But you only have one life. Live it as you choose.

This is going to be a hard thing to do; but I’m sure this summer is going to be when I start listening to ME. I have decided I can’t do it anymore.

Ever since I started working I always felt like I was meant for more than working for someone else. Believe me nothing has changed, I still feel that way. The difference is I’m going to finally trust myself enough to believe in my plan whole heartedly. That means leaving a guaranteed paycheck for the faith that I’m going to create something much greater. Something I believe in and makes me proud to be doing it.

I can also say I feel good about this decision because I have neighbors who have acquired financial freedom. Seeing him do it makes me confident that I can do the same.

He has no idea that me seeing him excel at entrepreneurship helps me to further believe in my capabilities to do the same.

So for any of you out here afraid to venture out into the entrepreneurial world, get around those who have done it. It will become so much more obtainable once you do.

As Always

Thanks for Reading

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