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Good Morning!!!

There’s been so much that has happened without really happening. Let me explain. I’ve been with my current job for about 2 years. All in all I’ve been doing the same thing for a little over 8yrs. Mind you, this isn’t what I wanted to do at all. I only ended up doing it because I was told to do it. Not realizing that the only reason I allowed other people to run my life was out of fear of feeling different and not appearing normal. Most recently I found out this could be a trait of having ADHD. I haven’t been fully diagnosed, but I believe I may have ADD/ ADHD.

The crazy thing is, I wouldn’t mind if that was the case. It would help me understand why I am the way I am. As I stated in a earlier post, my therapist told me I may have ADD. The more I research what it is and the behaviors, the more I understand why she made that assumption. I have been on this earth for almost 40yrs and if it turns out that I have ADHD I would be so relieved. A lot of people don’t want me to claim that, but that is the only thing that could make sense of a lot of feeling I have and how I am in social situations.

Below I plan to show you my behaviors compared to someone with ADHD. Let’s go!

Person with ADHD


Disorganization and problems prioritizing

Poor Time Management Skills

Trouble Multitasking

Excessive Activity or Restlessness

Poor Planning

Low Frustration tolerance

Frequent Mood Swings

Problems Following through and completing Tasks

Hot Temper

Trouble coping with Stress


Trouble coping with stress

Problems finishing anything that isn’t mandatory

Mood swings

Low tolerance for frustration

Poor planning

Trouble focusing on a task

Poor time management

Very unorganized


Excessive activity or Restlessness

I seriously plan to do something about it this summer. The crazy thing is, this is a medical disorder. Something I could have gotten treatment for way before this point of my life. If it does come back that I indeed have ADD/ADHD it just proves that there should be more testing and closer observation of children that appear to have nothing wrong with them on the outside. They could easily be struggling on the inside; struggling in their mind. The sad thing is most parents tend to believe the child is over reacting and is hypersensitive. Resulting in the child never getting any type of help and struggling with their disability until they get old enough were they can do something about it themselves.

I’m not blaming any parents. I only say; please watch your children closely and if anything seems a little of, do some research or have someone else do the research. Please just make sure your child isn’t suffering in silence. Something can be done.

If you’re interested in taking a test to find out if you are in fact suffering from ADHD visit The test is priced at $149. If you have insurance you can always get reimbursed. This only applies to those who test prove them to be ADHD.

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