Short stories

Good Morning!!!

I hope you’re out here living your best life. You only get one.  Might as well make the best of it.

  Many times we go through life feeling like we’re obligated to people, things, and events. That may be true some of the time, but not always.

Often times these obligations make us feel as if we’re stuck living a life that hasn’t and isn’t serving us. We do this alot of the time because we want others to consider us a good human being. 

Little known fact; you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness, peace of  mind, goals, and or finances to be a good person. A truly good human being is someone who gives because it’s in their heart to do so, not because of obligation or guilt. So it’s okay to do things or give things to people solely when you feel genuinely moved to do so. Let’s stop giving out of guilt or fear. All that does is plant a seed of regret (especially if you didn’t have it to give in the first place).

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As Always

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