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Lost Dreams

Good Morning!!!!

How is everyone doing this morning? I hope life is continuing to be prosperous.

You know what I’ve realized? Many times things only happen out of your sheer will to make them happen. Many times this means you have to apply some sort of action in order to get a reaction. You can want something to happen, but if you don’t put the leg work in to make it happen many times it doesn’t.

Example: Sharon has dreamt and spoken about becoming a successful entrepreneur for years. But still is working the same job each and everyday. Not giving anytime to the business she has visualized herself creating for nearly a decade. She continues to do this for a large part of her adult life. Allowing peoples opinions, bills, and wanting to keep up with the Jones’ to influence her everyday decision making.

As a result of letting outside things control her life, she ended up dying before she ever had the chance to bring her dream to light.

Sharon’s tell is a sad one, but it doesn’t have to become your reality. This is what will happen if you don’t find a way to do what you love or at least like. Too many times I get to know people who have put they’re dreams on the back burning because life happened to them. Then they never revisit the thought of that dream again. All because of responsibility.

Don’t get me wrong, responsibilities have a way of kicking your ass. But life shouldn’t become mainly about them. If you have children, okay I understand your responsibilities are a lot heavier than someone who doesn’t. Keep in mind, there’s always a way.

If you’re someone who has the tendency to pity yourself, do me a favor… STOP! There maybe a road block now, but it’s not always gonna be there. Even if it is, you have to find a way to get around it. Because that dream life you’ve always wanted is possible. Never allow anyone or anything to make you believe otherwise.

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