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Good Morning!!

What is it about parents and them always wanting to tell you what you should be doing with your life?……

I understand that most want the best for you. But many times they want you to do something that isn’t conducive with what you want to do with your life. A lot of them believe without their guidance that you will fall flat on your face and won’t figure out a way to get up.

I’m sure they do this because they don’t want to witness you experiencing strife. But if you’re not exposed to the low points in life, how are you supposed to know how to pick yourself up when they’re not around? Just a question. I’ve always believed experience is the best teacher.

I have to admit though, I’ve been pretty lazy through out this month and a half vacation. Can you blame me?! There’s not gonna be many times in life you get the chance to do what you want to for an extended amount of time. Many times because you’re so busy chasing the bag, you put your need for quiet and tranquility on the back burner because you’re always either in survival mode or you’re in the mode of keeping up with the Jones’.

There’re so many things that circulate through the mind when it isn’t constantly in a state of panic, envy or fear. Pure natural wants and gratitude start to circulate the mind when you have the time to just BE. But given the fact a lot of us are always playing catch up, we rarely have the time to day dream.

During this time away from work I’ve been people watching. Looking at other people and making assumptions of how life may be for them. I always ask the question “WHY?” Many times when I ask myself this question I assume it’s because they had family obligations, fear or a defeatist attitude that led them down a lonely better lost road of mediocrity. Or it could be they prefer the simple things in life. So many don’t mind working for someone else, because all they want to do is work they’re 8 to 15hr shift and then go home to their family. But because I’m build a little different I don’t see this as being something I could ever be completely comfortable with doing for the rest of my days.

What do you think?

I would love for you all to weigh in with your opinions? If you don’t care to much out this topic, but have managed to stay to the end please make sure to SHARE this post with someone who may be interested to leave an opinion. Would love to keep this going.

AS Always


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