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With Every Breath Comes Opportunity

Good Morning!!!

A lot of us had so much imagination, we pulled inspiration from almost any and everywhere. I miss those times. The older I get there’re many things becoming clearer to me. Many times it feels like I’m the only one in my circle of friends and family that hasn’t quite grown up yet. That’s kind of ironic because I was always considered the Little Old Lady when I was growing up. Now it feels as if I’m the Old Young Lady because I have a level of ambition and imagination that has never died or dwindled. The other thing my peers have gone on to accept life for what they believe it to be.

Many of them no longer believe life is what you make it. I understand why that is. I guess you could say, “Even if life was a lot harder on me up until this point, I would still have to find a way to make my wildest dreams reality. I have my times of high level ambition and I also have times when I’m struggling to find it. Either way I’m forever going to do something I love. It would be nice if that thing I loved to do got me paid. But for now I’m just going to have to let my love for these things motivate me to keep going.

See the thing I believe is different about people born during my birth year (1982); a lot of them feel as though “It is what it is” and it’s time for them to accept where they currently are in life. Where as for me, I see every breath as an opportunity to change or improve your life for the better. Nothing is finite except your day of Birth and they day you Die. So that means everything else is far game.

Through out life a lot of use learn to operate within that invisible box we feel confined too. The hard part is breaking away from everything that you have learned that hasn’t served you and taking on your own form of living. Most of us learned living through people who played main characters in our lives. Although it may have helped in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is the way you should move throughout life for the rest of your life. Doesn’t even mean you have to live life like your parents or peers. You live the way you choose. I say this because this is something that has always been a struggle for me. But everyday I take a little bit of “ME” back.

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