Thoughts, Venting

This is B.S!

This is some B.S!…..

Back to reality; Temporarily. There’s something about the alarm waking you up at the earliest hours of the morning that really piss me off! I swear this s*** is for the birds! Having to go right back to the drawing board is not what I wanted for my life. But I guess this will have to do until I find something else. I know I’m not the only one who hates their existence. I’m not saying you hate you life, you just hate the things you’re obligated to because of your need to make money.

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it all feels like a thorn in my side. Other times it makes me happy, because I start to think of the possibilities of the game. The other thing is I know of the different possibilities. I want to take the risk but I’m afraid to because their isn’t anyone around me trying to do the same things. One thing is for sure, I’m going to keep trying because this type of life isn’t for me.

Every time I have to go back I feel like I’ve failed.

If anyone has any encouraging words I’m completely open to receiving them.

Wishing you the life of your dreams

As Always

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