Experiences, Feelings, Rant

Big Decisions Ahead

What should you do when you’re done and want to give up?!

This is a thought that’s constantly gone through my mind. There’re many many more things going through my head. I guess you could say that I’ve become way too laxed. To be honest with you I want to change my whole life. There is almost nothing at this point in time I am excited to have in my work life, let alone my life. I’m sure if you knew me and my situation you would probably say; “You only feel this way because you’re in your adjusting stage right now.” Most likely I wouldn’t agree. As I say this all I can think of is my mother and my Aunt. They are the ones who led me down the path of least resistance. I understand that it was all out of love. But that ship is being engulfed in flames as we speak.

I know you have to take responsibility for your own life at some point and time. I’m taking responsibility NOW!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told what to do. It has gotten so bad until I want to give up on it all. When I feel like this I’m constantly being told, “You must be on your period or about to get.” I can’t express how much that shit gets on my nerves!!!

I know there’ve been many things that I’ve started and have not seen through. That all ends today!!!! Instead of worrying about other peoples feelings I’m gonna start doing what’s good for me. What I have to keep in mine is, “If you don’t make a decision, one will be made for you.” I’ve always known this to be true. The difference now is, I’ve been made aware of it.

I apologize for the salty blog. But this is my current state of being. I hope your day goes well and everything you’ve ever wanted makes it’s way to you; because you deserve it.

As Always

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