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Never Give up

There’s something to be said about those who are thankful for every morning they’re blessed to live another day. Most of us are so wrapped up in our depression that we can’t see the blessings when they are given to us.

Also let me clarify, blessing means the gift that was given to you. This can be from who ever or what ever you choose to believe in. I really just want you all to focus on the little things you’re gifted everyday that you may take for granted; like life. Don’t get it twisted everything and one has an expiration date and no one walking this earth knows when their time will be up.

I’m not saying being grateful for the little things is going to be something you’re going to always appreciate. There are most definitely going to be times you’re gonna have to humble yourself and be grateful for the things less celebrated.

I like so many of you, want to be known for my work; but that day has yet to come. I have to admit, there have been plenty days I’ve had to climb out of my deep ditch of depression; wanting so much to be a well known established author. So far that hasn’t proven to be my fate. I’m not saying this is always gonna be the case, because I have faith it won’t. I’ll get noticed one of these days. Until then, I guess I’ll have to chuck it up and keep a 9 to 5 (Something I despise).

My point is; keep trying, no matter who tells you, you’ll never make it or how many haters you may have. Keep in mind the only people who make it big are those who never give up.

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