Short stories


Today has been a really hard day. Please excuse this post. This is how I’m feeling currently.

I’m trying to shake this negativity off, but it doesn’t seem to want to budge! I was having a great time being positive and feeling positive. But it seems the negativity has taken hold of me.

We are told over and over again, “if you want positive/ good things to happen you have to keep a positive attitude. At the current moment all positivity seems to have left the building.

What do you do when you’re running off fumes and you are running on empty?

My downfall came when I wouldn’t be able to carry out therapy today. This is something I look forward to every two weeks! It’s not as if I’m one of those clients who’s taking up alot of time. It’s once every 2 weeks!!! Needless to say the reason was a scheduling issue.

So now I have to go on to work tomorrow feeling jumbled up because of a scheduling issue. I will persevere. Things will get better. I just have to dig myself out of the slump.

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