Short stories


“Life is nothing more than a dream you have to work a little harder to get.”

This Is the epiphany I just had once waken up, yet again to go potty.

I’m gonna continue to believe life is nothing but a dream. That way others wants needs and concerns aren’t any of my business. I’m not saying I’m gonna be a completely cold hearted bitch. What I am saying though, my needs will be getting met before anyone else’s, if I have anything to do with it.

Deep down I always knew life was a blessing. The only difference now is, “I’m actually starting to believe it.

So often many of us remain in survival mode for large chunks of our lives’. Then there are others who never get the opportunity to operate outside the trauma and survival. That’s all most of us know.

I’m working through my triggers; praying that one day I’ll be able to loosen up the invisible leash I allow peers to tighten around my neck.

Gaining control and remaining mindful with an open mind and non-judgmental mindset will help me to keep myself centered. That in turn will give the boost in confidence I always needed.

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