Experiences, Feelings

Cautious and Fearful

What am I missing?!…..

I have been told repeatedly, “Making money is the easy part.” Where?!… How?!

For the longest I never wanted to work for anyone. There have been so many things I’ve tried to do, in order to not work for anyone else. But they have failed. I’m sure the only reason they’ve failed is do to my lack of consistency. I have yet to build the type of discipline it takes to make something out of my initial efforts. I know how to build the discipline. My real battle is internal. The self defeating negative thoughts are the ones that are kicking my ass!! I try not to listen, but some days are a lot harder than others.

It’s always been a lot easier for me to listen to my negative self-defeating thoughts. Only on the days that are looking up I can look past the negative and see the good that could potentially happen. I’m starting to believe my negative mindset is stemming from not doing anything other than trying to find that next big thing that is going to give me the type of life I’ve always dreamed of .

After all these years I’m starting to see I could have had that life 10x over if I would stop being so cautious and fearful. I also understand, nothing comes from me raggin on myself. Nothing good anyway. So I’m working on changing the perspective that I have about myself. And the only way that is going to happen is if I begin to surround myself with likeminded people.

The only thing I haven’t thought of yet is; How am I going to do this?

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