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Is Kindness a Weakness

Good Morning,

There’s something that is on my heart and brain right now. I’m gonna try my best to get it off. Here it goes; through the years I’ve allowed myself to decline as far as effort and financial freedom is concerned. If I’m honest I had way more financial freedom when I worked for the company before my current one. People around me want to climb up the later to a higher position. But that just isn’t the vision I see for myself. I want something way more than my current position or job can offer me.

Once again I’m speaking about something completely different then I originally want to speak about. What I wanted to speak about is people taking your kindness for weakness. This is the thing that has been and is on my heart and mind. You let people into your world and they use that to make you feel heard and they gain your trust because of the compassion they showed during the times you felt down. Through all this you know what they’re going through or you may know their soft spot, so you do what ever you can to help them not feel the way they previously felt.

At first I thought people like this were vultures when it came to latching on to peoples heart strings. But I’ve slowly come to realize they can’t help it. For them it’s away of life. It won’t change until they are forced to change.

I would love to get personal, but because I’m not sure who reads my blog I have to keep these people and situations anonymous. More for another time.

Have a Great Day!

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