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The Plight of an Introvert

Good Morning!!!

I like to say Good Morning to start off my posts because it sets a good feel for the post, I think. …. Well anyway, I was thinking about something, as I often do. I was thinking me being a very introverted person has probably stopped me from a lot of opportunities. I’ve always been very introverted and it has not always allowed me to feel my best because I’ve always felt like I was being rude to the next person because I wasn’t always so friendly or forthcoming. The older I get though I realize that this is just a part of my personality I’m going to have to learn to either tweek, deal with or change.

I’m a nice person but I don’t pick up on social ques too well. Many times I seem to be in a class all by myself. It’s not because I want to be, that’s just the way things are. The crazy thing is if you give me a piece of paper I could express myself all day. I try to express myself verbally too, but many times it doesn’t hit the same. I believe this is do to getting cut off time and time again. I can never seem to finish a thought when I’m speak to other people. I guess because what I’m saying is either too deep and many times people like having fun surface level conversations and that isn’t me.

My fellow introverts know what I’m talking about.

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