story telling

Next Chapter

There is so much that has happened this year…. I’ve always known a school setting wasn’t for me; to work that is. I’ve always known as I’ve stated before, that I never wanted to work for anyone. All these years I thought the reason I never worked for myself and was successful at it was because of my laziness; that is part of the reason. I’ve come to realize the real reason I haven’t made it working for myself is depression disguised as laziness. The more I learn about mental health, the more I know there are reasons I haven’t become successful, despite being talented in many areas.

For a long time I thought it was do to me not being able to see anything through. That’s actually another problem I have. But the main thing I want to remind myself and others is; where you are currently in your journey is not your last stop. You choose your destiny and your happiness.

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