story telling

Missing in Action

There is always a reason why we don’t show up for ourselves or for those around us. What’s the sad thing, is that we show up for other people more than we show up for ourselves’. We do this because we don’t want to get called out as fake. Also a lot of us do not like to be uncomfortable. I’m definitely guilty of that. Then there’s some of us that don’t know how to fake the funk no matter how hard we try. Some of us are just blessed to know who we are and are not trying or wanting to be anything different. Then you have those people who are like me. The ones who aren’t comfortable unless everyone in the room likes them.

The older I get the more I realize that is an insecurity that I have with myself. Everyone does not have to like me. This is work that I need to do on myself, without the help of anyone else. I have to know that life isn’t going to be easy. But I know that there are supposed to be some fun times in this life. And now that I think of it there are not many fun times that I’ve had in my adult life. I wish I knew the answer to how to achieve a happier more fulfilling life. But I guess that is gonna have to be something I learn over time.

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