The only way to go is Up

The way my life turned out is not the way I ever imagined it. I thought life was a lot easier than it actually is. I thought as long as you wanted it, it was yours for the taking. It is in a sense, but you have to prove that you want it. It’s not only yours because you want it to be. You have to prove you deserve and truly want it. Something I’m currently fighting to prove to myself and everyone around me.

I’ve made lists for years repeatedly jotting down my goals for writing and wanting to eventually make a career out of my now hobby.

It’s always been something I’ve dreamt of. But I figure now is as good of time as any to make my dream a reality. My problem before was thinking I could put in a little effort to get maximum reward in return. Now I understand there is no benefit to doing things for a quick pay off. I’m going to have to put my time in and see if I make the cut as a writer.

Another thing, even if so many tell me I don’t, I’m going to keep pressing on because it’s not only about how you feel about me, it’s how I feel about myself and my ability to tell and create a story.


I’m just getting started. It’s only up from here.

Everyone have a terrific day and I hope you always get exactly what you wish for and keep your dreams alive.


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