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F*** Everyone Else. Do YOU Boo

Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning! I hope your day started well. It has if you’re anything like me and you’re just happy to say you got up this morning.

I’m not going to make it seem as if I’m thankful everyday. But there is always something to smile about, no matter what you’re going through. Because as long as you have breath in your body you have an opportunity to turn anything in your favor. I’ve thought like this for a long time. I guess you can say that’s why I’m still a dreamer. 40 years old and still feel like a kid at heart because I never allowed my dreams to die, because without my dreams a.k.a my purpose “Who am I?”

I believe what a person has or wants to accomplish in this life speaks to the kind of person they truly are. Depth of personality lives in your purpose. Not only in your purpose but in the type of relationships you’ve formed, the good times, the bad, and the hard times. Everything you’ve gone through during this human experience has molded you into the person you have grown to be.

The question now is ; ” Do you like the person you’ve become?” If not you need to learn how to love YOU. I would be lying if I said; “I see no faults in myself.” I see things I could improve about myself everyday. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the person I am. It just means there are some things I have to work on changing or accepting about myself.

The other thing is, I’ve always beat myself up over not being liked or accepted by everyone. It wasn’t until recently a friend of mine told me; “If I met you now, me and you would be friends. Because someone like you (happy and pleasant) could never relate to what I have been through or are currently going through.” I being this up because most people believe being pleasant 95% of the time means you’re fake. Or it just might mean the ones not wanting to be around you may vibrate at a lower frequency than you and because of that they feel like being around you is exhausting. Either way if you’re a high vibrational being like the one I described, there is nothing wrong with you. You just belong to a smaller more down to earth tribe.

People like us develop meaningful relationships. There may not be that many people we call friend, but the ones we do know who we truly are and know how valuable we are to have as a friend. That’s why you never change because you should never try to fit in a mold of what others expect of you. The right people will find you, and when they do they’re gonna love every weird, quirky thing about you because at that time you’ve finally found your tribe.

Thanks soo much for reading!!! Have a beautiful productive day!!!

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