story telling

Life is all about the risk

Life is supposed to be God given. So why is it we have to put so much effort into living it?……

I’ve come to realize living is easy, it’s people who make it hard. There are so many terms and conditions we put in the way that have the ability to limit the quality of life for others. There are people who don’t have the best interest at heart for others. Their main goal is to make sure they don’t get moved to the bottom of the food chain. The problem with that is; while they are trying to stay above everyone else they’re stepping on others to get there and making life harder than it needs to be for the ones they’re stepping on..

When I was growing up I felt people had some form of compassion for the people around them. Now I see that most people are only out for self. Don’t misunderstand, I know not everyone is out for self. But there are a lot of wounded people in this world who won’t give anyone an inch because they’re too afraid that person is going to take a mile. Whether that be romantically or otherwise.

I know a lot of us have let the wrong person get a little too close. That’s why so many of us are afraid to open ourselves up to the different possibilities of life. We say, “No” to going out with friends because we’re that friend who hasn’t developed boundaries. Therefore we’re also the one they’re going to ask to do everything. All because of our need to please; or you maybe the hopeless romantic. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Even if someone looks at you too long you find yourself falling in love. Despite the person’s hygiene, if they’re unattractive to you, or mean spirited. You found a way to look past that because you believed if you loved them enough they would change.

What you have to know and remember is…… ” You’re not the problem.” Who you’ve decided to waste time and energy on in this case is. So my suggestion is to pay close attention to the company you keep. Be fair and observant, because not everyone is a bad person. The ones who are worth your time will show you they’re worth your time. This is how you’ll know; if it feels to much like work and not a genuine connection then that is not the relationship for you.

Keep in mind, it’s nice to have friends; but not everyone is your friend. True friends are those who feel like family. When I say family, I don’t mean the dysfunctional type. I mean that sister or brother who is gonna have your back in a fight or if you lost your job today they’re going to either help you feel better about it, put in a good word where they work or loan you some money to ease your mind about bills. True friends are hard to come by. So there’s no need to call everyone your friend because most likely you’re only going to find a handful of people who fit that criteria…. if you’re lucky.

Thanks for Reading!! I pray you have a day that is filled with love light and ample opportunities!!!


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