story telling

Making it through

Good morning! I hope all is well. I debated long and hard what I was going to talk about on this fifth day of the week. To be honest I still don’t have any clue. Truth be told there’s just so much that has happened throughout this week. One thing I can say that I’m proud of though, is that I made it a WHOLE week posting consistently. That is a very big thing for me, because normally I give a thing of interest a few days and then I gain interest in something else. But like I said before I’m working on turning over a new leaf.

I know something has got to change and change fast, because this is never the way I thought life would have turned out for me. That’s the thing with life though; no matter what plans you think you had or vision you had for life, it will knock you back to reality. Not saying dreams don’t come true, they do. You just have to work extra hard at making them happen. In short; you have to have things mapped out. Keeping your goal in mind. If you don’t it’s easy to loose focus.

Right now I’m sitting here waiting for the day to start because I’m ready for the work day to end. I’m just wanting to be free. I try not to feel like this, but this week just has been extremely tiring for me. Also I don’t want my sour attitude to transfer over to my kids. I allows want them to feel open and loved when they converse with me.

Moral of this post. If you’re not happy with your current situation, find something positive about that you can hold onto until you’re able to change it.


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