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Road Block

What’s up beautiful people?!….

How is it that I have so much to say, but nothing consistent? The only thing I can say is what I’m currently working on and that is my ability to be consistent. I’ve realized through entering school once again, nothing great is able to grow from inconsistency. Unfortunately this has been a way of life for me for a very long time. I’ve never really been consistent with anything other than being inconsistent.

There have been so many things I’ve started and stopped because I lost interest or I had another great idea that was going to propel me to the status in life I’ve always dreamed of (so I thought). Regardless, I never stayed with anything long enough for it to become great. I’m glad I can say I tried these things, but I’d feel even better if I tried and mastered these things to completion.

I know there are many more of you out there who can relate. Then there are also those of you who could neva! But remember our differences and similarities connect us. Truth be told, I wish I had more people closer to me that could and would hold me accountable. I believe with that, life would have started happening for me a lot sooner. I also know my life turned out the way it did because of me. I’m responsible for my joy and happiness. Remember; emotions are simply a state of mind.

With that being said, great things begin to happen in life when you believe they are possible. Not only that; you have to whiled it to be so. When you stay focused and work diligently toward your goal many times the impossible is possible.

Keep in mind, your number one enemy is doubt, number two is fear. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you these two things have messed up many of otherwise bright futures. I’m sure there are things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t because you’re afraid of what other people are going to say or think. Or you’ve neglected to try something that may be a little harder than normal because you doubt you have the ability to master it.

Look; nothing beats a fail but a try. No one asked you to be perfect. Also if you do something for the first time and you don’t do all that great, there’s nothing wrong with trying at it again. Furthermore, if you’re afraid of getting picked on for failing, just know people make fun of others because they’re lacking something in their life. There’s something wrong with them…. not you. So don’t internalize their fear or hate and make it yours. You were put here to make mistakes and to also be great. Enjoy it while you can. You only get one chance to make a lasting impression. You might as well go all out!

As Always, I thank you all sooo very Much for Reading.

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I holla!!!


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