story telling

The R & R (Rat Race)

What’s been up since we last spoke??…..

I hope everything is going well in your life and if it isn’t I pray it gets better soon. Remember; “Trouble don’t last always”. But if you need someone to talk to I’m here.

Did you know that your mind can make you tired before you body ever could? It’s crazy the type of games the brain can play on the mind. Stress alone takes a lot of us out. What’s sad is; to many of us are stressed out and have lost our focus as to why we do what we do. The stress of deadlines, bills, and working a monotonous job has clouded the minds of many.

I believe that’s why you have so many men and women who are tired of this average hamster will we get on and off of on a daily. That’s why so many people have decided to go into business for themselves’ -No Financial Cap. I’m not really someone who wants to work a 9 to 5. I know there are some of us who really don’t mind it, but I’ve always been that person who does. That’s why I speak about it on a regular, because I believe an entrepreneurial life style is the one for me.

It’s sad how many young people are going through fits of depression because they’ve realized adulthood and the freedom that supposedly comes with said adulthood is a lie ( for most)! If you’re responsible without a plan or drive, work is going to take over a large part of your life. You gonna see your co-workers so much they gonna be calling you fam. The crazy thing is you see your co-workers more than you see your actual family; in this country. That’s why you hear so many people say you’ve got to be able to get along with the people you work with, because in many way you could consider them your extended family.

Let me know if you agree. Why? or Why Not?

Thanks Soo Much For Reading


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