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Double Masked Up

There’s so much of ourselves we don’t show the world.

If you think about it, you’ll realize the only people who get to experience you as your true self are those you’ve grown to trust.The sad thing is many of us have not allowed ourselves to trust to many people with who we are authentically.

Through the years we’ve learned how to create completely different personalities that we put on for different events and people. We do it so much that a lot of us don’t recognize when we do it. I think it all stems from wanting to be socially accepted. That seems like the main reason a lot of us do the things we do in our day to day lives… acceptance.

Many times this has been something that has been taught to us over the years. We’ve learned the ways of the world through watching those we love and know. Watching your Mom have a nice, funny, playful conversation with someone. Then realize soon after they leave that she doesn’t like them like that. Couple this with childhood trauma, loneliness, adhd, autism and a list of other experiences and mental illnesses and it is a breeding ground for deep dark depression and living a life that doesn’t feel like your own.

For a person who carries the weight of every single bad thing that happened to them, it is extremely hard for them to move forward and accomplish spectacular things. As it has been seen, ” You have to learn to let go of your past for your blessings to find you.”

I hope you found this post helpful.

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