Experiences, Feelings

The Weekend

The weekend… a time of the week a lot of us can’t wait for. Most of us right now have wished the weekend was everyday of the week. Then we remember we need to work because we need to be able to live. But who said living had to be so hard?

The weekend… the time when you feel like you have true freedom, because you’re able to do everything you weren’t able to do throughout the week.

The weekend…. spending time with family and friends. Really getting that chance to put the anxiety and depression to the side to make lasting happy memories with those you love.

The weekend…. two short days many of us have unknowingly started wishing our life away for. Aching for that form of freedom on a daily, then realizing you can’t have it because you have obligations you have to manage in order for you to afford your way of life.

This is definitely not true for us all, but it is true for a lot of us. Many people are stuck working for corporations who don’t even take notice of them as a person. Many corporations treat their employees as if they were nothing more than a source of productivity. The concern for results has been pushed so far in front of the well being of an employee that empathy seems to have been tossed to the waste side.

I’m sure this isn’t all companies, but this is true for some. I just wish people still cared about people and empathy was still a thing.

Have you had to go through working for corporations or individuals who were only concerned with results and did not care for you as a person? If so what did you do, if anything?


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