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Gender Feminine & Masculine

Good Morning! How do you all feel about gender roles? Some men and women believe women have a role and men have a role. Then there are others who believe 50/50 partnership is the goal. I pick up your slack, you pick up mine.

I bring this up because I was having a debate with a friend of mine. The argument wasn’t a fair one if I’m honest, because we both believe in traditional gender roles. Let me say, at one point I was on the side of 50/50 but now that has changed because my niceness has been taken for weakness way too often. I’m not saying my thoughts for equality in a relationship can’t be swayed, I’m only saying these are my thoughts for now.

I’m sure there are times roles have to be reversed and the masculine figure stays home and takes care of the house work and the children and the feminine figure goes out and works. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem I’ve witnessed more often than not, is when the feminine figure takes on this role and the role never reverses. Then slowly the Fem takes on more and more responsibility until they’re doing next to everything.

I know all men wouldn’t let their partner struggle in this way, but there are many who would. In my experience the many who would allow their partner to work 10 to 15 hour days, then come home take care of the house and the kids are the ones who seem to be lucky enough to find partners like this. Half of me thinks, some of these men emotionally and mentally manipulate to get their partner to be the workhorse while they lay back and enjoy being taken care of.

The sad part about it is, the person who’s putting in all this work is doing it because they’re hoping to reap the benefit of a public union allowing everyone to know they are his and he is their’s. But what usually follows is infidelity, disrespect and a list of other unhealthy toxic situations. If I’m wrong and you’ve experienced something different, please let me know. Because for me that is what I’ve always witnessed from many of the woman who are close to me.

I know there are Good Men out there. This is what I keep hearing. But I have yet to meet a Good Man who was interested in me……

Where are they at?!


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