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Let Your Light Shine

Good Morning!

Every morning you have a chance to enhance your life. Too often we get stuck in a rut thinking; “This is the life that I have and I might as well accept that.” All though that may be true at the time, it doesn’t mean there is no possible way to change it for the better. There is always a way out of a less than desired life or situation.

If you feel unhappy with your current reality change it. There is no one holding you at your current state of reality but you. There may be others who believe that you’re doing exactly what you were called to do, because you are really good at it. But other people don’t always know what’s best for us. We know what lights us up on the inside.

Sometimes you’re good at something because you’ve gotten used to what works and it looks like it’s effortless, but many times is not. Sometimes you’ve tried so many things in the process and you’ve had to implement those same tactics so often that now you know what works more times than not. So someone from the outside looking in would say you’re a natural. When you know the truth.

Anything can be your purpose, no matter how opposite it may appear from your natural way of being.

Prime example:

Sheila is a full time christian. She attends church whenever there is a service, Bible Study, Food Drive, Revival; you name it she’s there. Even though Sheila believes in the christian faith she has decided she has a calling in the world of sexual psychiatry. Does that mean because of her faith she shouldn’t be a Sex Therapist?

This is one example of how what other people think should not determine what you do with your life. The whole goal is to live out your purpose. It doesn’t matter if everyone on this earth disagreed with what you feel you were put on this earth to do, it was given to you and “No one else”. So they can never tell you what you’ve decided to do with your life is wrong. It’s your life.

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