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Service NOT Servant

Hope everyone out there is doing everything you’ve ever dreamt of doing, and so much more.

There’s something that I’ve been hearing over and over again; and that’s living to be of service to others. When I heard of this way of living and being, I automatically was against it. It left a awful taste in my mouth. I felt that way because from the time I could walk and talk I’ve always served others in some type of way; and not because I wanted too. The thought of serving others made me feel like “I’m tired! Let me quit NOW!” If I’m truly honest, I suffered from depression and long periods of suicidal thoughts because I always felt in order to be worthy of friends I had to be the ultimate giver. You know, that person who inconveniences themselves in almost every way to make the other person happy or at ease?

That feeling changed just recently, because I’ve learned you can only give to others from a full cup. Also being of service to others is not in any way associated with being a servant. If more people understood this concept, I believe more people would feel inclined to give back to those around them.

Understand there is no love lost if you’re someone who’s broken and you need to tend to your own wounds in order to build yourself up and make you whole again- Do that! Ultimately you are your own protector and you know first hand what’s best for you.

Way too often we have been conditioned to believe constantly doing for others is the way to be. That isn’t a bad thought; but don’t forget to pour just a little of that back into yourself. It feels great to give to others. But do you know that marvelous feeling of giving back to yourself?

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