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Fear of The Unknown

Good Morning Everyone! I know we are all starting the work week once again. Something I wasn’t too thrilled about when I got out of the bed this morning. But one thing is true; your current reality is only yours because you believed it to be so.

Too often we allow people and obligations to dictate who we are and who we become. I guarantee there are a lot more people operating way below their potential than above it. Reason being; fear presents itself when you’re doing something outside of your comfort zone.

I’m sure half of you reading this blog right now are at a job you can’t stand or in a relationship you know you should have done away with a long time ago. This happens because of fear of the unknown or complacency.

There are many things I’m able to relate this post to, but I want to take a look at the type of connections we allow ourselves to be involved in. This is a big cause for concern, because a lot of us don’t realize our connections have a lot to do with what reality we choose to live.

Being someone who is constantly looking at life with the glass half full mentality helps to keep many of us looking on the up and up. Some of us have been blessed to always see the good when others only see the bad. Even though some of us were given this gift to see the positive in almost everything, it can easily be taken away. The way this happens is when you are constantly being the dumping ground for other people’s problems. Not only that, emotional vampires are definitely a thing. They will deplete you of your energy before you realize it.

With these type of people you have to cut it off before it becomes a thing. More often than not, if you’re sensitive or very empathetic, people tend to gravitate to you. This can be a good thing, but if you haven’t learned how to guard your emotional energy force it can be a train reck waiting to happen.

Some people don’t deserve all of you, and that’s okay. At first you may feel like you’re being unfair or mean, because certain people are able to reach you readily and others are not. That’s just your empathetic side nagging at you because you have become so used to being everyone’s emotional dumping ground. You’ll get over it, and when you do one sided conversations will stop and the conversations will start to become a give and take.

Instead of feeling drained you’ll begin to feel uplifted because those who you’ve allowed access to your emotional energy have taken notice that your not just giving it away so easily. By doing this you’re teaching those emotional vampires, friends, foes or others that you value your mental and emotional state of wellbeing. This way they will too. Remember you can ask someone to treat you with respect all day. What you’ll begin to realize is, it’s not what you say it’s what you do that determine how people treat you.

Thanks so much for stopping by my little space on the internet.

As always, I hope you have a beautiful productive day!

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I Holla

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