story telling


Good Morning!!

It is the start of the week and I’m wishing it was the end already. Life isn’t bad, but it could be a lot better. It seems like the only thing that remains constant are obligations. I think the daily obligations is what motivated me to start creating my on realities. Having so many things you’re responsible for on a daily, makes you yearn for some form of enjoyment.

The problems arise when what you’re doing for enjoyment turns out to be something that hurts others or breaks the law. What I decided to do for enjoyment does neither. My vice is words and creating different worlds that others can relate to and could see themself in. My main focus with writing is and will always be to make my characters as authentic and real as possible. Even if some of my writings include supernatural events.

My main goal is to give the gift of experiencing a different more engaging reality. A place you can take a trip to everytime you open up a book by Shadrieka Franks. With my works I want to sweep you away with my creative intelligence and deep descriptive writing process. Every work from me will be an experience. There’s no doubt about it.

Writing is and always has been a source of enjoyment for me. That’s why the older I get the more serious I am become about pursuing writing as full time career.

I guess it’s just going to be something I work on in my spear time. I’ll never loose hope this will be my career, eventually.

This is what was on my mind and heart. Hope you enjoyed or could relate.

As always I thank you soo much for checking out my little corner on the internet.

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Thank You Much! Have a Beautiful Productive Day! I love you all. Until next time.

I Holla!


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