story telling


Good Morning!!! Hope all is well and great things are happening for you.

We try to do what’s right because that is what we were taught. But the right thing is the safe thing and SAFE doesn’t produce results like chaos and passion does.

Safe… is what I’ve been all the days of my life. The biggest chances I’ve taken are with relationships.

Safe…. isn’t fun; it’s predictable, comfortable even.

Safe… it’s not something you can be while you’re out here living your dreams.

No.. Safe is not what you should be if you want to live this life to it’s full potential.

No… anything but Safe is what you should be while you’re pursuing your dreams.

No one ever made it playing it SAFE. The joy and fun originates from those times you weren’t sure and did what was in your heart. Not what was SAFE.

More often than not you’ve been taught to take the safe road in life.

You could be safe, but where’s the fun in that?


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