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Be Delusional

Good Morning!!! Beautiful, beautiful people! How are you all today?

I hope the answer is nothing less than marvelous or spectacular. There is no room for anything less.

Not that long ago there was this video going around. The basis of the video was to let people know there isn’t anything wrong with being delusional. From that video and the videos dueted with it, proving being delusional is the key some of us need to open that door to our potential. As we all know if you don’t trust the process you’re less likely to reap the benefits of your efforts. So what being delusional does is increase your confidence so you’re able to go out and pursue those things you wouldn’t typically go after.

Everyone should be a bit delusional. Maybe then we would have less people wanting to off themselves.

Doing this will give you something to look forward to. Rather than predicting your days and realizing how mundane and monotonous your days truly are. I think constantly thinking of all the possibilities you’re capable of in this life is what’s going to keep a smile on your face. The only thing that is going to make you even happier than that is putting a plan of action to work so you’re able to reach a conscious blissful reality.

In my mind, NO one should ever be without happiness. There’s too much stress in this world. That’s why you have so many people ready to leave it before it’s their time to go.

When you’re faced with the thought of expiration allow your faith, family, fun and financials steer you towards a better path.

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