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Love is Elevation not Depression

Good Morning!!! There is only one thing that I’m celebrating today……


Let me start off by saying there is only one place you can have peace and that is where you lay your head. If you’re not able to have peace at home something is wrong. Something or someone needs to be removed or what is making you uncomfortable/ upset needs to be resolved. Then if resolution is not capable that thing needs to be removed.

How many times have we been with someone who constantly does something that makes us feel like; “Why am I even with you?” If you’re asking yourself that question more often then you’re enjoying the person ties need to be cut. Yes you may mourn the loss of being with them but you will get over it. More often than not you’ve allowed yourself to be a part of a one sided relationships that the only one benefiting from your union is the other half. I understand everyone wants to have and experience true love. But how are you going to do that if you have a blessing blocker holding that spot indefinitely?

I get it; when you’re in it all you see is the love that you think you have for that person. I got news for you; a lot of time what you think is love is trauma bonding. You’re only latching on to that person because who they are is familiar to you. Meaning you’ve met this person before in a different form. That doesn’t mean they’re good for you. But sometimes the hardest thing to do is to go after someone NEW. Sometimes change can be a good thing. That’s why I tell my friends it’s good to go after a different type of man than you are typically drawn to. Because not attraction is a good one.

In saying all of this it is and will always be your choice who you love and give you time and energy too. I just hope and pray all of you go after and pursue only those who deserve what you have to offer.

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