Feelings, motivational

Coloring outside the lines

Good Morning!!

There isn’t much that I have to say that’s going to be too inspiring these days. Honestly, there has been way too much going on with me to concentrate on one thing entirely.

I have to say things are going good, but they could always be going better. What I’m learning from this experience is; a lot of times we sabotage our happiness all for the sake of being comfortable. The sad thing is, most of us would rather be comfortable than happy. With comfort there isn’t many surprises. There’s usually only predictability. Not always, but often. What usually comes with happiness is elevation and new experiences and sometimes nerve raking situations.

At this point in life this is the very thing I’m after. Too long I’ve been safe and comfortable. It’s finally time to start coloring outside the lines. Living life with the safety on isn’t leading me to the bold vibrant life I’ve always wanted.

What I’ve learned over the years is; what you once wanted isn’t always going to be what you want. With time and maturity people change and evolve. There is no guarantee that you are always going to be exactly who you are at this very moment. And if you get to the end of your life and you haven’t changed and evolved I’m sure you managed to cheat yourself out over the many experiences you could have had; all because of fear. There are so many things out here you are blessed to experience that have the ability to change your life. Your job is to be open and adventurous enough to experience them all.


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