Resting B**** Face

Good Morning!! Hope everyone is doing well. Back to it. This weekend seemed like it just flew by. We had an extra day off and it seemed shorter than the regular weekend. There was much I wanted to do. I did more then I do usually I did a podcast. That was kind of fun.

The podcast was about being a light in a sea of darkness. At the time that was something that had been weighing on me all week. I needed to release it. I felt so much better after I let it all go. If want to give it a listen the podcast is Big Girl Swag and it’s available on all platforms.

Well beyond that, I went a couple of places, had a heart to heart with a friend and just thought of what kind of person I want to be. Because something in me is getting real tired of being the passive nice one. Sometimes you have to hurt some feelings and piss some people off. For a long time I thought if you were sweet, agreeable and not intimidating that you could go through life without getting out of character. But I now realize no matter how innocent and nonconfrontational you are, you’re still going to have those a**holes that are going to do things that are going to have you in a spot where all you can do is act out of character.

Cause normally I’m known confrontational and I enjoy great conversation with new people. But if what I’m currently experiencing is going to be a drawback from having these conversation I’ll stay to myself, and just keep my resting bitch face present.

Now I realize why some people are bitches before they get to know you; because they have to vet you before they allow you into their circle.

Sorry this post wasn’t uplifting. But this is how I’m feeling currently.

On another note. I thank you for reading. Have a Beautiful Day!

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