story telling


What’s up beautiful people?!

There is much that I’ve been thinking about today. The one thing that is constantly on my mind is that my class ends next week. And to be honest I am so excited about this! This means that I have my afternoons to myself and I can actually try some different things. Hopefully I can find something fun to do. I’m sure there are fun things out there, I just have to be open enough to try them.

The other thing I was thinking of is; how is it that we go through out life and forget about the things that mattered most to us when we were children. I’m sure you’ve had someone who’s told you to put the childish ways down. I know once we are adults we have responsibilities but I don’t believe that means we can’t think as a child thinks sometime or even enjoy ourselves like children do. I think this is when people stop enjoying life. Although there are plenty ways to enjoy yourself as an adult, sometimes seeing it and enjoying it through a child’s eyes makes it that much more rewarding.

Even though there have been so many obstacles that have been in my way; mental health being the main one. I still intend to have childlike joy in my heart. I’ll make sure to take care my responsibilities, but I refuse to see life through another lense.

This summer’s goal for me is to get my health in check and to have fun. Something I should have done a long time ago.

I hope you all are continuing to be the lights in the seas of darkness. Remember this life can be so much more than we know it to be. We simply have to let go.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet. As Always I love you and have a Beautiful Day.


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