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What Makes you happy?

What is it with people and only being able to see your wrongs without taking a look in the mirror?…..

Honestly, I already know why people do this. They do this because it’s easier to look at someone else and zero in on what they have going on, than what’s really going on with them. That’s why it’s so easy for others to throw a rock then hide their hand. The deflection helps them deal with their own short comings.

I’m for sure not saying that it’s okay to live life this way, because it isn’t. Being this way is a form of delusion and not the good one either. Sometimes it pays to be delusional; and that’s when you’re creating a elevated happier abundant one were your dreams have manifested in to tangible reality.

There are those out there who believe wild positive abundant dreams are incapable of coming true, but I’ve been living long enough to know, that is a lie. If you can dream it, it can happen. The main thing is you have to believe it is possible in more than just your dreams and that you deserve it. Also, you have to be willing to take risks. Nothing extravagant comes from being safe.

The one thing I want you to gather from this blog is dream big and dream often. That’s where our happiness lies. Not only that manifesting our dreams is the reward of our many tedious, stressful and trying efforts at acquiring the life we believe we deserve.

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