About Me

 Hi, my name is Shadrieka Y. Franks  and I’m the creator and author of all post written on Elvatedliving.com. I am lover of fiction, people, and animals. My first love is and always has been creating. In my spear time you can find me posting blogs, that I hope one day will inspire positive change.
My asperations are to be the next Best Selling Author, Director, Producer, and Creator of a series of widely excepted movies that inspire the world to change for the better.
This path wasn’t an easy one to find, especially since going to school and getting a degree was the only main concern of the people around me. But, I finally decided to make my own way, and that is creating this blog and writing a soon to be published book, Loyalty. Things were not and are still not easy for me, but I continues to press on as I hopes you will too.
In hopes of making a change, this blog will be used to bring light to many things that may be seen as wrong with the world. By providing a place that can be common ground to discuss issues, concerns, and possible resolutions.

Many of the articles will be heavily opinionated perspectives on certain issues such as inequality amongst the sexes, racism, climate control, chemically induced foods, and a long list of other “fun” things that most of us come into contact with daily.

There will also be a series of short stories, do to the fact I love to create, and entertain through using my imagination. To stay up to date with Elvatedliving. Please make sure to subscribe so you won’t miss the very creative, entertaining post that are soon to come.

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