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Service NOT Servant

Hope everyone out there is doing everything you've ever dreamt of doing, and so much more. There's something that I've been hearing over and over again; and that's living to be of service to others. When I heard of this way of living and being, I automatically was against it. It left a awful taste… Continue reading Service NOT Servant

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How a People Pleaser is born

How are you all doing this morning? I was thinking long and hard about what I wanted to share with you this morning. First I thought I should give you all something career positive. Then I thought of starting a series of short stories. The point is, there were a lot of things that came… Continue reading How a People Pleaser is born



Good Morning Everyone! Hope all is well. There isn't much I have to say today. I'm exhausted. I've had an expresso this morning and I'm still feeling a little grumpy. But I'm going to work at making this day a great day, because I have too. If you're feeling like me, think of the things… Continue reading Exhausted

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Let Your Light Shine

Good Morning! Every morning you have a chance to enhance your life. Too often we get stuck in a rut thinking; "This is the life that I have and I might as well accept that." All though that may be true at the time, it doesn't mean there is no possible way to change it… Continue reading Let Your Light Shine

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Gender Feminine & Masculine

Good Morning! How do you all feel about gender roles? Some men and women believe women have a role and men have a role. Then there are others who believe 50/50 partnership is the goal. I pick up your slack, you pick up mine. I bring this up because I was having a debate with… Continue reading Gender Feminine & Masculine

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The Weekend

The weekend... a time of the week a lot of us can't wait for. Most of us right now have wished the weekend was everyday of the week. Then we remember we need to work because we need to be able to live. But who said living had to be so hard? The weekend... the… Continue reading The Weekend

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What gets you through?

So many years have come and gone and never once did I realize what got me through. As I'm sitting here thinking about it, I believe what got me through is my need to be connected to someone, whether that was a boyfriend, friend, or family. I always felt like I needed someone else with… Continue reading What gets you through?

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Are you the Source or the Plug

There are times in your life you realize that you're giving too much of yourself. Some of us begin to realize this and make a change and then you have others who have been this way so long that it's almost impossible for them to change. I'm sure I've touched on this subject before, but… Continue reading Are you the Source or the Plug

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F*** Everyone Else. Do YOU Boo

Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning! I hope your day started well. It has if you're anything like me and you're just happy to say you got up this morning. I'm not going to make it seem as if I'm thankful everyday. But there is always something to smile about, no matter what you're going… Continue reading F*** Everyone Else. Do YOU Boo

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Cautious and Fearful

What am I missing?!..... I have been told repeatedly, "Making money is the easy part." Where?!... How?! For the longest I never wanted to work for anyone. There have been so many things I've tried to do, in order to not work for anyone else. But they have failed. I'm sure the only reason they've… Continue reading Cautious and Fearful